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Relaxed photo of Rashmi Dubé - multi-award-winning entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and writer.

  • Best practice for board directors around what is good governance and how it works,

  • Legal considerations for an organisation's strategy,

  • Legal considerations in relation to disputes.


Rashmi also brings a wealth of knowledge & experience and a valuable network to the table as a non-executive director.

Rashmi also sits on the SME Advisory Panel for the UK Cabinet Office where her passion lies in resolving the Late Payment culture for SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises).

Rashmi’s commercial and creative sides merge in her writing and podcasts. She's a business columnist for the Yorkshire Post, blog writer (see her works on LinkedIn) and author, with her second book scheduled for launch in 2024 (register your interest now to win a free copy).


In her downtime, she loves to travel, explore new hobbies and in 2024 she is entering her first power-lifting competition!

Purpose, communications and transparency.

Rashmi's experience as a founder of her own businesses, a board member of other businesses, and in practising law - particularly as a disputes advisor on environment & social governance, enables her to advise her clients on:

Rashmi transformed my situation and provided me with a great result within weeks of engaging her. I found her to be a breath of fresh air, straight talking, highly effective and just so nice to work with.

Ms S Henderson

Is your business ready to evolve?

Corporate portrait of Rashmi Dubé - multi-award-winning entrepreneur and consultant.


Rashmi is your reliable, first stop, for creative legal solutions. In today’s changing climate you need someone who's more than just a lawyer.

Candid portrait of Rashmi Dubé - multi-award-winning entrepreneur and speaker.


Rashmi is the perfect choice to speak at your event or chair your panel discussion. Is your business ready to transform and evolve?

Candid portrait of Rashmi Dubé - multi-award-winning entrepreneur and writer.


Vision is not enough without input from all vantage points. Leadership transformation is key to remaining agile and creating stakeholder value.

I have no hesitation in recommending clients to her and always look forward to meetings with her. She's easy to talk to and has a great sense of humour!

Mr D McCabe

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