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Candid photo of Rashmi Dubé - multi-award-winning entrepreneur, practicing UK lawyer and certified Director in Company Purpose and Governance.

Rashmi is fully media trained and has faced many business and personal challenges over the years. As a result, she's seen as an expert in:

  • ESG

  • Communication with oneself

  • The changing business landscape in the presence of AI


Rashmi is a highly requested speaker in Europe and North America.

Rashmi’s style has been described as “owning the stage”, “speaks confidently”, “ knows and understands the subject matter” and “ leaves you with tools to use immediately”.

Rashmi is also a regular on numerous podcasts, and hosts her own ESG with gunnercooke LLP.

Are you ready for the new future?

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I met Rashmi on a leadership course; she was one of the leaders. She was very professional but at the same time very welcoming and friendly. We began talking and within minutes she got to know me better than I knew myself and I could see more clearly than I had in years!

Mr N M Godfrey

Previous Engagements

July 2024


Internal Dialogue and Public Speaking

April 2024

Toastmaster International Diversion

Keynote Speaker "Mindset, Dialogue & Muscle"

Communications with ourselves, with tools on how to bring about change. Motivation is a muscle that needs to be exercised.

March 2024

Various talks on International Women's Day

February 2024

Toastmaster Panelist

Leadership and Communication

December 2023

Toastmaster International Diversion

Keynote Speaker "Communication Through Change".

September 2023

​Gunnercooke LLP

Global Strategy and Why It's Important

June 2023

Crypto, its Role in Restructuring and How Governance Plays a Critical Part.

(Hamburg, Germany.)

June 2023

TMA UK - International Symposium:

Europe Chapter 11 and its Impact on Europe.(Hamburg, Germany.)

January - June 2023

A series of talks around Late Payment for SME, ESG and Boards, Crypto Litigation, ESG Litigation.

January - June 2022

A series of talks and podcast on Directors and the Practice of Good Governance.

November 2021

American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI):

How Do Organizations (even in a crisis) Benefit from ESG?


October 2021

Podcast with Patrick Voss:

ESG and the Role Director’s Governance Plays in Organisations.

October 2021

American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI):

The Insolvency European Restructuring Directive 2019/1023.

April 2021

TMA Europe - Sustainability, Climate Change and the Fashion Industry.

Host and Speaker with Clare Press, Andrew Griffiths and Marina Bradford.

March 2021

Host and Speaker: Independent Women’s Day with gunnercooke llp.


February 2021

Digital and Governance in the Board Room, A Symbiotic or Conflicting Relationship? With Eaton Bridge Partners, fellow panelist Tim Hipperson and Guy Macgrath.


November 2020

Panelist, American Bankruptcy Institution:

The Impact of the Pandemic on the UK, Brexit and the UK’s New Trading Relationships.


October 2020
TMA Global Conference - TMA Talks:

interviews with international leaders on what restructuring issues they face in their country due to the pandemic, and importance of international connectivity.


July 2020

The Circle NGO: Chairing a panel discussion on unseen stories: interviewing Tara Moller, Tara Tordas-Whitehall and Mary Quincy.

July 2020
TMA UK - Global Town Hall Panelist Directors’ Duties in COVID-19 climate : USA

February 2020

CBRE – Diversity and Inclusion:

The Barriers faced by Women (UK).

January 2020

Policy Voice Ambassador (Policy & Governance) for the Institute of Directors, working with the Late Payments Committee at the House of Lords UK.


November 2019

American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI):

The Implications of Brexit and Trade Relationships with Europe and North America: Paris, France.


October 2019

House of Commons Round-table chaired by Lord Mendelsohn: Late Payment as Experienced by SMEs. Representing the IOD as Ambassador for Policy Voice, Yorkshire and the North East.


June 2019

TMA UK – How Technology is Changing How Businesses Need to Respond in Turnaround.

Speaker & Conference Chair:

June 2019

TMA UK - Regional Conference:

Speaker & Conference Chair.

April 2019

Institute of Directors (IOD):

Various talks on Policy & Governance.

October 2018

American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI):

The Implications of Non-Performing Loans. Milan, Italy

I attended Rashmi’s Networking Masterclass on the day I was to attend an important networking event in central London. I ended up networking with nearly everyone in the room!

Mr M O’Kane

See Rashmi in Action


Webinar - TMA Europe Fashion & Sustainability

Digital & Governance in the Board Room

CBRE Womens Network Event

Rashmi Dubé Launches the ESG Litigation Series

Board Minutes and Unfair Competition

Why You Need an ESG Policy

ESG Litigation - What Lies Behind the Iceberg?

Rashmi Dubé - Confidence - ITV News

I've been working with Rashmi for a few months now and she's been a shining light in these dark times. She's very good at asking thought provoking questions that can help you discover yourself. Rashmi has helped me change my life and I can't thank her enough.

Mr N M Godfrey

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Rashmi has a dedicated and successful approach to contract collections. She always kept us informed with regular updates and was a delight to work with.

Mr A Rudge

Is your business ready to evolve?

Corporate portrait of Rashmi Dubé - multi-award-winning entrepreneur and consultant.


Rashmi is your reliable, first stop, for creative legal solutions. In today’s changing climate you need someone who's more than just a lawyer.

Candid photo of Rashmi Dubé - multi-award-winning entrepreneur, practicing UK lawyer and certified Director in Company Purpose and Governance.

About Rashmi

Rashmi is the perfect choice to speak at your event or chair your panel discussion. Is your business ready to transform and evolve?

Candid portrait of Rashmi Dubé - multi-award-winning entrepreneur and writer.


Vision is not enough without input from all vantage points. Leadership transformation is key to remaining agile and creating stakeholder value.

Great negotiation and facilitation skills and clear advice. A valuable provider to our business.

Mr P Harvey

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