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Token 2049 Special Edition Podcast

Rashmi Dubé talks with Raj Brahmbhat, Founder and CEO of ZEEBU

Interview with Raj Btahmbhat - Part 1
May 2024 - 3 mins 15
Interview with Raj Btahmbhat - Part 2
May 2024 - 3 mins 20

ReThink: Future Thinking Now

The Podcast - hosted by Rashmi Dubé


Rashmi believes in good corporate governance, building good leaders, and having diversity and future thinking strategy on the board.


The ReThink podcast it designed to introduce people whose stories can offer you a different view on how to approach life and business.


Their inspiration and light creates a path to the future, now.

Joze Piranian.jpg
Joze Piranian
International Speaker
Resilience and Diversity

Joze Piranian is a lifelong stutterer turned International Motivational Speaker helping people turn fear into action so that they overcome their “inner stutter” and unlock their true potential in life. Joze delivers transformational experiences allowing his audience members and coaching clients to access the hidden powers and become champions of inclusion.


As seen on Tedx Goalcast and Forbes

May 2021 - 38 mins

William de Laszlo.jpg
William de Laszlo
Agathos Management LLP
Rethinking Investment

Rethinking Investment and raising funds.
What you need to know when looking for investment from the investors preceptive.


More details about Agathos:

William can be found  here:

May 2021 - 29 mins

Stephen Lamb.jpg
Stephen Lamb
Ex Royal Marine Commando

Stephen served as a Royal Marine Commando, acted as Support Company For Alan Chambers MBE, trained in Jungle Warfare, and deployed to the Arctic.


Stephen had to change his mindset when he left his military career and lead a garment company in Sri Lanka. On his return to the UK he is now part of Break Point whose founder is Ollie Ollerton.

March 2021 - 25 mins

Sally Henderson.jpg
Sally Henderson
Leadership Mentor

As leaders working in demanding situations and often dealing with high stakes, what can we do to help with our mindset and focus?


Sally talks us through some tips that can help us navigate the waters and gives us a practical tool to use. 

March 2021 - 31 mins

Chloe Bruce.jpg
Chloe Bruce
Actress, Stunt Woman, Business Woman

Rashmi interviews Chloe Bruce, professional martial artist turned strength and flexibility coach, who has founded a world class academy with a vision to inspire and encourage other athletes around the globe.

Chole is also the go-to stunt woman for films and TV shows including Bladerunner 2049, Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

March 2021 - 26 minutes

Stuart Clarke.jpg
Stuart Clarke
Paceline Digital
Yorkshire Special

Rashmi interviews Stuart Clarke who works with start-ups in the digital arena and founded the Digital Festival in Leeds that outshone Silicon Valley in the number of events it held.


Stuart talks about what start-ups should be considering in terms of funding and if funding is even the right approach.

February 2021 - 29 mins

Dave Jones.jpg
Dave Jones
Reward Finance
Yorkshire Special

As part of the Yorkshire Special series, David Jones - also known as Mr Yorkshire in the world of finance - takes his time to speak to us about the world of lending money to the SME and having fun whilst networking.

February 2021 - 32 mins

Tony Webster.jpg
Tony Webster
Sporting Directorship
Yorkshire Special

This Yorkshire Special talk with Tony focuses on his unique specialty, which stems from Sporting Directorship.


Our discussion covers leadership, high performance organisation, transformation, innovation and change, governance and best practice, particularly in the area of sport.

January 2021 - 27 mins

Christine Talbot.jpg
Christine Talbot
ITV Calendar Presenter
Journalism Today

Christine Talbot is an ITV presenter, O2 Journalist of the Year award-winner and Voice of Yorkshire. She was also one of the first to launch a health & beauty channel focusing on well-being.


We explore what it's like to be a journalist today, the changes she has seen in Yorkshire over the years,  and the role of social media.

January 2021 - 22 mins

Tara Todras-Whitehill.jpg
Tara Todras-Whitehill
Communications Consultant
Social Impact

Tara Todras-Whitehill is an award-winning visual storyteller and communications consultant. Featured on over 20 New York Times covers, her work focuses on people around the world who are inspiring change. As a photographer and videographer, her clients include The New York Times, CNN, UNICEF and many others.

Tara co-founded and ran a creative agency that supported the work of social impact organizations. She is now also creating bespoke workshops and coaching programs to help social impact teams.

October 2020 - 24 mins

Walter Scott.jpg
Jason Mackay
Walter Scott Creative
Future Thinking Now

Jason's company Walter Scott Creative provides personalised creative services and innovative content across digital and print. Specialising in branding, social media account management, content and marketing, a key focus of theirs is in developing a cohesive brand identity for clients, which is delivered consistently across all platforms.

Jason worked at C&J Clarks International for 24 years, working his way up from the shop floor to the position of Group Head of Product, where he was responsible for leading a £100M business with overall responsibility for the design and creation of Clarks’ Children’s footwear collections.

September 2020 - 25 mins

Marina Bradford.jpg
Marina Bradford
Bemari Consultancy
Sustainable Procurement

Marina Bradford is a consultant in procurement and sustainability matters, a connector, an impact advisor and an entrepreneur. She helps organisations to implement sustainable operational practices and leverage buying power for positive change.


Marina is passionate about supporting solutions that can help address the social and environmental challenges we are now facing. She has founded Bemari Consultancy, which focuses on promoting and enabling sustainable procurement and consumption, resource efficiency, waste management and associated business models.

September 2020 - 30 mins

Erica Vilkauls.jpg
Erika Vikauls
Former CEO of LK Bennett
Retail: Transformation

The thoughts and ideas that brands should be considering.


A discussion that includes the likes of Waitrose, M&S, John Lewis, Sustainability, Customer Experience, Brand Consistency, KPI's and Diversity.

September 2020 - 22 mins

Martin Chilcott.jpg
Martin Chilcott
Manufacture 2030
The Sustainability Risk

Martin Chilcott is a British entrepreneur specialising in environment and education, best known as the founder and CEO of 2Degrees, the world’s largest community for sustainable business.


We talk about how sustainability is still a risk for some companies and sits firmly on the agenda of any business wanting to thrive.

August 2020 - 32 mins

Britta Dicke.jpeg
Britta Dicke
Case Study
Future Thinking Now

A Case Study to show how important it is to future think, and to pivot to meet your customers.


Britta is a hair and make up artist working with the fashion and film industry globally. So when the Pandemic hit, Britta got up, pivoted and continued working.

July 2020 - 33 mins

Tim Hipperson.jpeg
Tim Hipperson
CEO Morph Management Ltd
Talking Tech

An Interview with Tim Hipperson, CEO of Morph Management Ltd, talking all things tech and business evolving to meet the future now, including data, agriculture and so much more than just turnaround.

Tim is an award winning and strategically minded digital business leader with specialist knowledge in the Data and TMT sectors. Tim has held numerous CEO and leadership positions and in a number of FTSE 100 companies including WPP, O2 and BT. He has a proven track record of managing business transformation, strategy reviews, mergers, acquisitions, sale and growth.

July 2020 - 28 mins

Matt Atkinson.jpg
Matt Atkinson
CEO of Radical Panda
Pivot into the Future

A discussion about retail, manufacturing, automotive and hospitality.


How can tech can help businesses to Turnaround and grow?


Through future thinking and understanding that, as they pivot into the future, it is easier than they think.

July 2020 - 32 mins

I found Rashmi & her team’s advice straightforward and clear. The matter was concluded in my favour and I would have no hesitation in recommending Rashmi and her services.

Ms S Hatswell

Is your business ready to evolve?

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Candid portrait of Rashmi Dubé - multi-award-winning entrepreneur and speaker.


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About Rashmi

Vision is not enough without input from all vantage points. Leadership transformation is key to remaining agile and creating stakeholder value.

I’ve used Rashmi for commercial agreements and litigation, where she has always provided sound advice. Rashmi is very professional but also a fun person who's easy to work with.

Mr D Bryan

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